Pramukh Cup
Game Rules

  1. Only 5 players on the pitch at any one time - 1 goalkeeper and 4 outfield players.
  2. Only the goalkeeper is allowed in the penalty area.
    • If the attacking player enters the penalty area, it is goalkeeper's ball.
    • If the defender enters the penalty area, it is a penalty.
    • If the defender is pushed into his own penalty area, it is goalkeeper's ball.
    • If the goalkeeper comes out of his penalty area, it is a penalty.
  3. The game will continue if the ball rebounds off the sideboards.
  4. The ball must stay under head height at all times.
    • If the ball goes above head height then it is an indirect free-kick.
    • If the ball rebounds off the goalkeeper and goes above head height, then the game continues; i.e. no free-kick.
    • If the goalkeeper throws the ball out and it goes above head height, a free kick will be awarded to the opposition, two metres from the edge of the goalkeeper's area.
  5. When the goalkeeper throws the ball out it must be touched by at least two players before it can be passed back to the goalkeeper.
    • If the player passes the ball straight back to the goalkeeper without it being touched by two players, a free-kick will be awarded to opposite team. The free-kick will be taken from the spot from which the back-pass was done.
  6. When a free-kick is being taken the other team has to be at least 6 feet or 2 metres away from the spot at which the ball is placed.
    • If the free-kick is on the perimeter of the penalty area, the ball will be moved two metres back; so that the defending team can stand on the edge of the penalty area.
  7. Other free-kicks will be awarded at the referee's discretion. Free-kicks for fouls are direct.
  8. Any swearing or foul mouthing will result in the player receiving a straight red card indicating a sending off for the player that commits the offense. Their further participation of the WHOLE tournament will be at the discretion of the Event Organisers.
  9. No tackling from behind.
  10. Yellow and red cards will be used by the referees and produced when appropriate.
  11. Rolling substitution is allowed i.e. if a player is taken off; he is elligible to go back on again as long as the referee is notified.
  12. In the case of a sending-off a substitute will not be allowed to replace the player who has been sent-off.
  13. Injury time will be awarded at the referees' discretion.
  14. All Balaks must stay in the allocated area at all times and must not leave the area without permission.
  15. ALL players must shake-hands and say Jai Swaminarayan with folded hands, after each match played.
  16. Any Balaks caught taunting any other teams due to their own victory or loss will be penalised by the organisers by points deduction or disqualification.
  17. Cup winning players must conduct themselves in a proper manner to come and collect the medals and cups. Players will not be lifted or accompanied by anyone else (besides the team manager) when they come to collect cups or medals.
  18. Quarters, Semis and Finals Stages - if scores are level after full time, a further 2 minutes is played. If still level, a penalty shootout will take place. This is a best of three shoot out, followed by sudden death. The goalkeeper in goal at the time of when the extra time has finished will be in goal for the penalties only, no changes are allowed.
  19. If a team has less than 5 players, due to unforeseen injuries etc then a panel from the Event Organisers will decide what action to take, if any.
  20. If a team has only 3 players then that team forfeits the match, resulting in a 3-0 loss.
  21. Organisers reserve the right to make amendments to rules/regulations and fixtures.